How to Stay Consistent with Working out: Women Fitness Plan

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Aren't you tired of getting ready to workout but, not knowing where to start? It's hard to successfully complete a workout without a structured plan. The benefits of having a well balanced workout plan includes: 

Fitness guide: The ability to follow a properly coordinated workout routine geared towards your physical goals. A well designed fitness plan should feature 4 key elements; warm-up, stretch, conditioning and cool off. Having a plan allows you to focus on completing each exercise without having to wonder what to begin next. A fitness guide is the blueprint to your success. 

Consistency: When you have a balanced workout plan it's easier to stay consistent. You'll know what to expect each day because you've already got it mapped out. Psychologically, you'll be prepared to workout after following a four week cycle because it's become apart of your daily routine.  

Time management: It's so easy to get distracted and lose track of your workout but remember, time is of the essence. Beginning set workout tasks allows your brain to focus until the tasks are completed. Mentally, it's no different than when you have a list of "to do" tasks when clocking into work. When you're focused on an objective there's less distractions. This allows you to complete your workout in less amount of time. 

The “ Snatched Abs & Ass ” 30 day challenge will provide you with a course of daily female exercises. These workouts will specifically target your abdomen, thighs and glutes area.

The program will feature beginner to moderate exercises over 30 days. Each week the exercises will become more intense with additional reps, resistance bands and different exercises. However, you'll have at least 1-2 rest and easy day. Which leads you to only having to complete 21 days of fitness. 

These changes are necessary for your body to adapt to physical fitness and develop an enhanced figure. Don’t worry, as you become stronger the exercises will become lighter. The objective is to shed any excessive fat and build defined curves. The key is to stay consistent so you can properly train your figure.

Our main goal is for you to accomplish your desired body goal.


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