Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which waist trainer is for post pregnancy?

A:  All of our waist trainers are beneficial for different stages of post pregnancy. 


As you know, after you give birth your body is mainly filled with water-weight. The advanced sweat technology from fitness belts increase body temperatures and produce 3x more sweat during your workout. These sweat belts include Slim trim, Snatch vest, and Snatch shaperz.


Post pregnancy reform shape is also a recovery step. Double snatch offers slimming compression and extreme back support to snap back your figure. We recommend wearing this waist trainer 3-6 weeks into your postpartum stage.


Consider our seamless shapewear collection to further enhance your curves beneath clothing. Perfect for an instant hourglass frame, bring your sexy back!

Stage 1: Slim trim

Stage 2: Snatch vest, Snatch shaperz

Stage 3: Double snatch

Seamless shapewear can be used in both pregnancy and postpartum stage

Q: Which is best for belly fat?

A: We recommend Double snatch for targeting upper and lower belly fat. The slimming compression works to reduce inches, instantly enhance your curves and improve posture. Although, to maximize results you must combine nutrition and fitness.

Snatched shaperz are used to target lower belly fat during fitness activities. The main adjustable strap increases temperature in your lower core. Simultaneously, slimming and toning with the attached thigh trainers. Plump up your booty with the lifting effect.

Q: Are they true to size

A: it depends on which style you're interested in. Double snatch runs small, therefore you should purchase at least one size up. Compare your measurement to our Double snatch chart. Snatch vest also runs a size smaller depending on your cup size. Slim trim can be easily adjusted however, this is a short torso waist trainer and runs slightly smaller. Seamless shapers are true to size, can be comparable to tank tops.

Q: How long before I start seeing results? 

A: On average you'll notice a difference in your waistline within 4-8 weeks. Although, you have to incorporate diet and exercise for the BEST results! You'll immediately feel snatched and secure when you strap on double snatch. This waist trainer provides extreme back support and instantly improves your posture. After your very first workout in Snatch vest and shaperz you'll be drenched in sweat. The stimulated thermal activity generated from the fabric causes you to shed water weight quickly. 

Q: Do I wear it on my skin or over my shirt?

A: It's honestly your preference whether you want to wear your waist trainer over or beneath your clothes. It will still be effective as long as it's fitted properly. 

*Tip: We recommend customers wear a sports bra with trainers to avoid push-up bra underwire. Wearing a sports bra makes waist training more comfortable and avoid chest raise. 

Q: Can I throw it in the washing machine?

A: No, it'll be at high risk for damage. Waist trainers like Double snatch and Slim trim contain steel bones which could break in the tumbling washing machine. Instead soak in detergent, rinse with lukewarm water and air dry for proper maintenance.