About us


Our Mission is to build the confidence women through health and fitness. We provide premium quality waist trainers and fitness options for women to meet their desired body goals.
Snatched’s core values include building confidence by allowing women to become the best version of themselves, dedication to a healthy lifestyle for longevity and of course to snatch every waist in style !
“A world where women shine beauty and confidence on the outside and within.."


The most common question people ask me, is;

“What made you start Snatched?”

This question takes me back to the day I was lost in my thoughts at the gym. I remembered noticing a man training a group of people. I thought to myself “hmm.. I’d probably be a great personal fitness trainer, I love working out and helping others” Then I quickly dismissed the idea because I didn’t think I had enough time. I was a college student that worked two jobs. I barely had enough time for my own personal life, how could I find the time for others?

I thought “Maybe I could supply a product rather than a service… but what?” Suddenly, my waist trainer needed adjustment. “Ding!” the light bulb goes off. I raced home and began my research. Although, during my creative rant I discouraged myself again.

“I really don’t have enough time for a business, I have to get up early for work tomorrow” I said to myself.

The next morning, before I could hang my coat up, my manager informed me that I was terminated. There were so many mixed emotions boiling inside of me. I mustered up a smile, thanked her for granting me with the opportunity and walked out pleasantly. As soon as I got in my car, I let out all my frustration.

“ What a waste of my TIME! .. TIME.”

The pieces to the puzzle began to align perfectly. I began to smile and looked up to God.. “ Hey, are you trying to tell me something? I chuckled “It’s my TIME, time to follow my dreams. ”It was time to create “Snatched”.

We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated 
-Maya Angelou