Double Snatch

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Ditch the flimsy waist trainer and get snatched! The Fan Favorite Double Snatch is an advanced waist trainer made with premium high-quality materials.

Compression hugs to your body, instantly reducing your waist size and inches around your midsection. It provides full coverage and extreme back support, helping to straighten your posture and forming an hourglass curve for a slim fit.

A perfect addition to your weightloss journey, the Double Snatch will help you achieve the hourglass figure you desire.


  • Instant tummy tuck
  • Reduce inches (around waist)
  • Full stomach coverage
  • Targets upper + lower belly fat
  • Double slimming compression
  • Extreme back support
  • Improve posture


  • Work shift (5-8 hours)
  • Lifting weights (back support)
  • Tummy-tuck recovery
  • Post pregnancy reform 

We do not recommend women to perform cardiovascular activities while wearing the Double snatch waist trainer due to the firm compression. Please see the full body sauna vest "snatched vest" or "slim trim" for intense gym wear. Refer to "bundle deals" for a discount on both Double snatch and Snatch vest, the perfect daily and workout combo.


Double snatch is used to shrink the size of your waist through high compression, heat and cinching.  Heat generated from the waist trainer causes your core to sweat, and burn excessive calories. This process works best overtime with the combination of nutrition and fitness.

This latex waist trainer mainly provides cinching to fasten, hold and secure your waist for an instant hourglass figure. In addition, providing extreme back support to improve your posture. 


We take pride in supplying women with the highest quality of waist trainers. Therefore, double snatch is made up of 100% PREMIUM NATURAL LATEX.

The thickness of natural latex is 0.9 mm whereas, regular waist trainers range from 0.5mm to 0.7mm. Our material is strong for high compression and durability. 

The nylon infused in the core lining causes the trainer to be lightweight and resistant to tearing and abrasions. Natural latex is the best quality of waist trainers because it's stretchable yet firm fabric provides more support, durability and compression than average trainers. 


  • 100%  Premium Natural Latex
  • CORE: 96% Nylon 4% Spandex
  • INNER LINING: 96% Cotton 4% Spandex
  • LENGTH: 11.5 Inches
  • YKK ZIPPER: World wide strongest zipper

Remember: waist trainers are NOT the same as shirt sizes (keep in mind back width and compression). We strongly suggest you properly measure your waist before making a size selection. Please, compare measurements to size chart for accuracy. 

      SIZE WISE:  If you're in between sizes, choose the larger size. For example: " I'm usually a small or medium" Choose the medium because the waist trainer already runs small due to the compression hold