Sweat Waist Wrap

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The Sweat technology infused Slimming waist wrap is a form-fitting compression sweat belt that is worn around your waist to burn extra calories and slim down your midsection during workouts.

Full Benefits Include:

1. increased body core temperature to stimulate sweat. It'll feel as if you're shedding water-weight in a Sauna. In addition you'll be able to detoxify and clean your pores.

2. High-quality neoprene fabric: this type of fabric will not deform and curl after pulling during activities. Good elasticity, this wrap can be stretched without damage. The stick strap is durable for longevity and simplicity.

3. Feel comfortable during your workout with this quality fabric and no added steel bones. Skin will remain free and clear of worn lines.

4. Winding wear: close-fitting and comfortable, fits the body curve, no size requirements

5. 10 ft long band for adjustable settings to cover long torso, fupa, or love handles, as desired.