Double snatch - Premium Waist trainer, Compression and Back support belt

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Ditch the flimsy waist trainer and get snatched! The Fan Favorite Double Snatch is an advanced waist trainer made with premium high-quality materials.

Compression hugs to your body, instantly reducing your waist size and inches around your midsection. It provides full coverage and extreme back support, helping to straighten your posture and forming an hourglass curve for a slim fit.


  • Instant tummy tuck
  • Reduce inches (around waist)
  • Full stomach coverage
  • Targets upper + lower belly fat
  • Double slimming compression
  • Extreme back support
  • Improve posture


  • Work shift (5-8 hours)
  • Lifting weights (back support)
  • Tummy-tuck recovery
  • Post pregnancy reform.


We're really proud of the waist trainers we offer for women. Our Double Snatch waist trainers are made from 100% premium natural latex, which is a special kind of material.

Inside the trainers, we put a material called nylon, which makes them light and tough. They won't easily tear or get damaged. Natural latex is the best choice for waist trainers because it can stretch and is firm, giving you better support, lasting a long time, and shrinking your waist better than regular trainers.

SIZE WISE:  If you're in between sizes, choose the larger size. For example: " I'm usually a small or medium" Choose the medium because the waist trainer already runs small due to the compression hold