When to wear waist trainers..

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Fitness Journey

women sauna vest

Wearing workout waist trainers (sauna) during your fitness journey can accelerate your weight-loss goals. High compression waist trainers should only be worn during strength training for back support. It’s imperative to combine diet and fitness with your waist trainer for the best results! We recommend utilizing the snatched fitness app for a personal nutrition guide and 500+ workout plans.

Postpartum Pregnancy

postpartum waist trainer


Doctors often recommend women to wear a “belly band” after giving birth. Pregnancy causes your core muscles to stretch and widen, also known as diastasis recti. This results in weakened core strength and severe back pain. Waist training contributes to binding the stomach for support, comfort and stability to the skin, muscles and internal organs. This is beneficial for the repair and healing to the postpartum body.


Work Shifts

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Nurses are constantly bending, lifting and moving patients thoughout the day. This causes uncomfortable back strain. Double snatch alleviates this pain and provides support. Working at the desk, can take a toll on your back as well. Office jobs can stretch spinal ligaments and discs too much. For example: holding the phone to your ear / shoulder for an extended amount of time can cause spine tension. When wearing a supportive waist trainer like Double snatch,  you can expect your posture to improve especially in the work field.




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