What are Waist trainers?

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Waist training history 

1600s women in corset


Did you know corsets were one of the first mass produced fashion garments for women? They were worn by European and American women in the 1600s for fashion statements and waist cinching. The dynamic of waist trainers has evolved throughout the years to meet the specific needs of women. The tedious laces were replenished with bands, clips and zips to provide simplicity and diversity. The new technology embedded in waist trainers continues to advance. 

How it works

Waist trainers are shaping garments designed to slim your waistline through heat and compression. It’s important to combine nutrition and fitness for best results. There are two different types of waist trainers; workout and daily trainer

Workout trainers

Work out trainers are used to stimulate thermal activity during exercises. The neoprene fabric produces 3X more sweat, reduces water-weight, and eliminates impure toxins. Sauna vests and belts are excellent workout trainers to accelerate weight-loss. Essentially, you’re getting the most out of your workout.

Daily trainers

Daily trainers provide high compression for an instant hourglass shape and support. Trainers like Double Snatch and Slim trim have multiple embedded steel bones to cinch your waistline. They also provide extreme back support to improve posture. Many women, have reduced inches around their waist in only 4 weeks through daily waist training and dieting! Double snatch, is our best selling waist trainer because of its highest, premium quality- 100% Natural latex (see product details).



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