How to find the best quality waist trainer

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Don’t you hate when you order a product online and it doesn’t look the same in person? Talk about cat-fishing! What if you could easily identify the product quality from the description? It would make online shopping for women more simplistic.

Often times, women make the mistake of buying cheap waist trainers online. As a result, they have to deal with early wearing and tearing of the fabric. For example; The wire starts popping out and pokes you all day, the thread comes apart, it’s constantly rolling up when you move or the waist trainer isn’t strong enough to hold you in. Luckily, we’ve gathered key points for you to select the best quality waist trainer.

Avoid these type of features when analyzing a waist trainer online.

Poor quality

  • ONLY Polyester 
  • Single stitching
  • 1 layer fabric

double belt waist trainer

100% cotton

Cotton is great to absorb sweat during your workout, however be mindful. When you purchase a 100% cotton waist trainer, the fabric will be more lightweight but have less hold.

Good quality

  • Latex
  • Nylon
  • YKK zipper
  • Double stitching

Latex waist trainers are the best quality because of the firm and stretchy material. In addition, nylon is very strong and resistant to wear and tear. Luxury designers like GUCCI use YKK zippers because it’s known as the world’s strongest zipper. The reinforced zipper is high quality, to avoid breakage.

double belt waist trainer



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