Triple Sauna Vest

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The Triple Sauna vest provides all the right tools for the perfect workout! This full coverage women's sauna vest helps slim down your entire upper body. Yes, that includes the annoying love handles and stubborn lower belly fat. Our sauna vest has embedded sweat technology to enhance your workout.

Think of how relaxed you felt, the last time you entered a sauna. Cleansing your body of all those toxic impurities. Now, imagine reaping those benefits by simply wearing your new and improved sauna vest during any type of workout, regardless of the time length. Get the most out of a quick jog or walk on the treadmill.

The main function of the snatched vest is to shed more water weight in less time. As you know, this would be a great workout tool for new mothers. Prior, to being filled with mostly water weight after giving birth. Wearing the snatched sauna vest increases your body temperature and allows you to burn more calories. What happens when you burn more calories than you consume? Weight-loss!


    1. The zipper design for easy wear and tear, allow you to hide it and give you slimmer reinforcement support.

    2. Three waistbands design can strengthen the control level and convenient for adjusting.
    3.9 steel bones can strengthen the shape effect.

    4. Vest with wide straps can relieve back pain, reduce backpressure, and protect the back of the spine.

    Material: 100% NEOPRENE & POLYESTER


    Are you worried your new waist trainer may not fit? We have a 7 day exchange policy to ease your frustration. However our size charts are over 98% accurate.  Less risk, more confidence!