Sauna Workout Leggings

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Take your workout to the next level with Snatched Sauna Leggings! This ultra-comfy activewear is designed to make you sweat more, so you can shed more water-weight  and say buh-bye to that stubborn lower belly fat.

Plus, the breathable fabric keeps you cool and focused while you work on achieving toned legs and a plump glute – what more could you want?! Swing into shape with Sauna Workout Leggings!


1. M-shaped seam fits butt well;
2. Delicate stitch for fastness;
3. Hook and eye closure for easy tightness adjustment;
4. Neoprene fabric has the functions of high elasticity and calorie burning effect

How Does it fit? 

The leggings are very true to size with stretchable and breathable fabric applied to your legs for comfort.

In addition the light compression is applied to your lower belly to cinch your waist line into shape. This method is use to stimulate thermal activity for weight loss and waist slimming.